whois Gabriel González Mañaná

whois Gabriel González Mañaná

Hello, I am Gabriel, also known as "truenito",

And I'll try to wrap up who I am and what I do in as few lines as possible.

(No hay versión en Español, perdón!).

First of all, truenito means little thunder, and I know... it's a very cool name, I've been told (nope) thanks:3

That aside, I like to think of myself as a very energetic guy looking forward to working on the fields of web development, project management, and software analysis, I like to think that I bringing to the table what most programmers lack of; good communication skills and leadership. I strongly believe that agile development lets you understand what the user needs and what the client truly wants so I follow Agile principles as a rule of thumb.

I've finished a couple of small and successful freelance projects but I am focusing on bigger scale projects at the moment. I am by no means an expert and my experience continues to grow as I take life day by day. It makes me very proud when I say that people often reach to me to hear my opinion about things, personally, I think that it's because I'm very objective, open-minded, pragmatic and skeptic by nature - I tend to be very diplomatic as long as I'm not being a hypocrite, I'm not self-obsessed and I'm very humane and empathic.

I like love Basketball, I enjoy wine, politics, reading, I'm a foodie and my hobby is playing online games (role playing games and competitive games mostly).

I'd rather be using Ruby than anything else, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Rspec, CI, Heroku & Selenium are words that make me happy. Not in love with but able to write PHP (Wordpress seems cool). I am a very avid front-end developer and I love coding beautiful HTML5, CSS3, SASS, HAML, SLIM but mostly Javascript, jQuery, and AJAX.

I use Github (https://github.com/truenito), although most contributions go to private repositories. I might know a thing or two about TDD, BDD, Unix (OS X), Amazon Web Services, Agile development, Sublime Text, Terminal emulators, git, and Postgres.

I speak, write and read English and Spanish at a fluent level.

This is my blog, it's opinionated and mostly about the aesthetics of life, music and code, I hope you like it.